Congratulation to our Students!

Congratulations to our West Coast Section Students on Winning several awards at the recently concluded 2019 Annual Conference in Quebec. The West Coast Section is proud to support all the students and partially funding their participation at the Annual Conference!

Winner Environmental Challenge International (ECi) Competition - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Team

2019 ECi Problem

Seven Cal Poly students participated in the student mock consulting competition called ECi at the A&WMA conference in Quebec. Students gave a proposal and presentation to clients about real-world technical solutions to mobility and traffic challenges faced by Quebec City, while keeping in mind environmental, social, and economic aspects. Cal Poly's solution proposed congestion tolling, bridge retrofits, and increased mass transit to solve the issues, rather than the addition of a new bridge or tunnel. Cal Poly students focused on a multi-stage, sustainable solution which reduces the number of cars traveling into the city. The participating students include Anika Narula, Thomas Reader, Ashley Green, Ashley Poole, and Alanna McCabe. 

The 2019 Exceptional Student Chapter Award - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Student Chapter

The A&WMA Student Chapter Award is to recognize outstanding achievement by a student chapter. The Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Student Chapter won the 2019 exceptional student chapter award

2nd Place Technical Poster Competition, David Herman, PhD Student, Univ of California at Irvine

The Use and Efficacy of Murine Nose-Only Exposure System in Nicotine Inhalation Studies (D. A. Herman, R. M. Johnson, S. R. Renusch, V. Perroud, M. Lawler, and M.T. Kleinman)