A&WMA West Coast Section Webinar - Recent Updates to Air Toxics Regulations

January 20, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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The West Coast Section of the A&WMA is pleased to present this FREE Webinar

Wednesday, January 20 @12 noon


Pamela Vanderbilt, Monica Wright and Grace Lee  


With recently increased public interest on air toxics – those gases, aerosols, or particulates that can potentially result in serious health concerns or damage to the environment under specific concentrations or exposures, individual areas and regions within the United States are responding differently, resulting in a patchwork of air thresholds and permitting requirements. Public awareness of air toxics is growing, and the trend across the country is towards more state-specific requirements and more public disclosure about health risks. This presentation will provide an update on recent modifications to air toxics regulations in the states of California, Washington, and Oregon, what these changes mean, and how regulations and guidance address growing public attention on air toxics in these states. Subjects in this presentation include California’s Assembly Bill (AB) 617 Community Air Protection Program (CAPP) and the recently updated “Regulation for the Reporting of Criteria Air Pollutants and Toxic Air Contaminants” (CTR Regulation), Oregon’s Cleaner Air Oregon (CAO) toxics program, and Washington’s updated regulation on toxic air pollutants (WAC 173-460).

Pamela Vanderbuilt is a technical specialist at Jacobs in California with 40+ years of experience in air quality permitting, regulatory review, health risk assessment, and environmental compliance. She markets, plans, manages, and peer reviews emission inventories, environmental impact reports and studies (EIRs/EISs), air quality permit applications, and health risk assessments for a variety of transportation, water resources, and industrial development projects at locations across the country.

Monica Wright is an air quality and sustainability technologist at Jacobs in Oregon with 20+ years of experience in permitting including performing odor, criteria and air toxic emission inventories and impact modeling, dispersion air modeling, as well as developing strategy to meet climate and social responsibility goals for a range of clients. She has successfully worked with clients, regulatory agencies, communities, and senior air specialists to outline strategies to address air and odor regulations and climate action plans.

Grace Lee is an environmental engineer at Jacobs in California with 3+ years of experience specializing in emissions inventories and modeling associated with air quality, greenhouse gases, and odor for regulatory permitting, risk assessment, and sustainability purposes.

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Wed, Jan 20, 2021 12:00 noon - 1:00 PM PDT 

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