West Coast Section Lunchtime Webinar: Select Presentations from EUEC 2019 Conference

April 24, 2019
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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The West Coast Section of the A&WMA is pleased to present this Webinar

Wednesday, April 24 @12 noon

Several of your West Coast Section’s Board members made important presentations at Energy, Utility and Environment Conference (EUEC) in San Diego, February 25-27, 2019. Three of the presenters will be making lunchtime presentations for the West Coast Section members. Following are the featured presentations from the EUEC conference:

Laser Update for Cross Duct and Open Path Measurement

Bernadette Shahin, National Applications/Product Manager,

M&C TechGroup North America

The AirOptic Gas Eye is a novel Spectrometer designed for Open Path and Cross Duct applications. This versatile measurement technology utilizes diode lasers, inter band cascade laser and wave length modulation spectroscopy incorporated into a multi laser platform capable of measuring multiple gases in one unit.  This presentation will address the various applications measured and future applications under development.

Gasification for Waste Conversion Facilities – Permitting Case Study

Sara J. Head, QEP, Principal Scientist

Yorke Engineering, LLC.

This presentation explores how the gasification process was developed by Aries Clean Energy can be a tool for waste conversion facilities, such as waste water treatment plants, material recovery facilities, and composting areas.  This process can be used for environmentally friendly biosolids disposal and energy production. This presentation provides a case study of permitting the Aries Clean Energy Gasification process at a materials recovery facility in California.  Expected air pollution control technology requirements and emissions are discussed, as well as other air district requirements such as a health risk assessment.

Advances and New Direction in Ammonia Slip Monitoring in California

Bhaskar Chandan, P.E., QEP, Supervising Air Quality Engineer


Continuous emissions monitors for NH3 slip measurements are now widely available. Air agencies in California are working on developing certification protocol for NH3 continuous emissions monitors. This presentation will provide an overview of the NH3 slip requirements, monitoring requirements and update the status of the development of the NH3 continuous emissions monitor certification protocol in California.


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Lunchtime Webinar - WCS A&WMA
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